About us
Alexander Gerasimovich
General Director
Artem Tsoi
Takashi Tsubokura
Director of Kazakhstan Branch

Alexander Gerasimovich (Podolsk, 1976) graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute (MArchI), received the diploma with honors and was a laureate for the gold medal of MArchI. He played a central role in the reconstruction of the historical city center and the construction of new 17-storied prefabricated apartment buildings in Podolsk. His most significant city planning project is the residential district "Kuznechiki" for 47.5 thousand inhabitants in Podolsk, which is under construction based on a presidential program.

Artem Tsoi (Almaty, 1979) graduated from Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He has working experience of more than ten years and has been engaged in different types of projects: from private houses to city master plans. Artem Tsoi joined TG architect in 2008. Since then he has worked on the design and the realization of all projects by the company together with Takashi Tsubokura.

Takashi Tsubokura (Kyoto, 1970) earned his master's degree from Moscow Architectural Institute. He worked at Kisho Kurokawa's studio between 1999 and 2005, participated in the master plan of Astana, the new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also in the construction of Astana international airport. After leaving the studio he worked together with A. Gerasimovich on the design of the Presidential Park in Astana, which is one of the largest landscape projects in the territory of the former USSR.